Community Round Tables, 2007

Federal Way Community Center, Federal Way, Washington

29" x 29" x 35". Glass, cast polymer, birch plywood, piano hinge.

Asked to provide exhibition space within the Federal Way Community Center, my idea was to link interesting conversation around food and drink, so that people who might like to get to know one another would immediately have something to talk about. Anyone, or group, who wanted to could have a chance to display collections, artwork, writing, etc. Thus the Community Round Tables were born, and have been the focus of the public café area of the center. These four café tables have exhibition display boxes set below cast polymer terrazzo table tops, and are seen through watertight windows set flush into the tabletops. The displays are readily accessed by unlocking the tabletops, and lifting their hinged tops. For the first year, my displays held the spaces until someone in the community took the initiative, which they did.

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