Exterior view

Time Motion, 2007

Federal Way Community Center, Federal Way, WA.

11' x 23' x 2". Vitreous enamel on glass.

In a cooperative effort between artist and architect (Rich Murakami, Arai/Jackson Architects), a two story glass entranceway welcomes visitors to the Community Center, offering within the reflection of Washington's skies a powerful image of strength and motivation, and a metaphor for the community. By picturing the beauty and grace of the human body in motion, photographed in time/motion sequence, our awareness is heightened of the world-spanning immigration that brought people from at least 84 countries to live in Federal Way. The wish to leap over obstacles is a commonly held dream. The artwork offeres a look at the delight in the joy of movement, awareness of our heartbeat rhythms, attention to the force of gravity that holds us to the earth. An unfolding circular fan offers to cool us. The inspiration and historical context for the photographs is a tribute to nineteenth century scientist Etienne Jules Marey, who studied locomotion and time efficiency.

Interior view

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